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By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish by weight

As sex-positive environmentalists, we realised that most of the sex toys in stores are made out of plastic. Thus, it's time to create a new paradigm in the erotic industry, plastic free.


The brand


LSD is a new ethic brand producing limited collections of erotic toys in collaboration with selected designers and artisans around Europe.




By bringing together craftsmanship, design, safe and eco-friendly materials, we aim to create a new paradigm in the erotic industry.


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Pleasure, the good one


It is our mission to make sex conversations comfortable, so that we have the best sex possible.

We would like to be a part in changing the way sex is perceived by removing taboos and promoting sex wellness and empowerment.

Conscious sex is great sex, and its mental and physical advantages aren’t a secret anymore. Pleasure can improve health, wellbeing and mood, orgasms can help with blood circulation and release “feeling good” vibes - with a sex toy can be even better!


We just want to move them from your drawer to your table or shelf, to celebrate the beauty of their design.





By exploring the space where craftsmanship and human sensation intersect, we unveil a distinctive vision of luxury in the sex industry.

We involve artists around the world, giving all the value to human skills and limited collections instead of big industrial companies involved in massive productions. To evolve the way we perceive erotic tools from their conception, we thought of something special and unique - the handmade approach. By gathering the best artists and their acquired skill sets, we push even further the idea of a smarter, safer and more ethical pleasure industry.


Although designed for play, our toys are individual works of art.


Planet before money and people before machines


Shapes & Sizes

Sex toys are very sensible to shapes and sizes, because everyone has unique and special needs. And yet, playing with different sensations is definitely enjoyable, so feed your curiosity and get inspired by our gallery or shop.


Land & Sustainability


The ocean is the first reason we decided to take this journey, we felt the need to do something, even little, to fight against plastic for a less polluted earth. Choosing a rapidly growing market, where plastic items make the biggest sales, we felt a sensation of euphoria.


We are committed to make products that are safe for the body and safe for the Earth, by producing eco-friendly and plastic-free objects of pleasure, tailored to humans’ needs and desires.




Our first productions are made with ceramic, which is derived from clay (aka the earth herself!).

It is very durable and is rarely tossed into the garbage, but even once in the landfill it is welcomed back by the earth.


We use only lead-free, non-toxic and food approved glazes that are totally safe for your body. We started with ceramic, but aspire to explore more in other natural materials in the near future.


From artists to people

Once the products are made, we inspect them for quality control and pack them in 100% plastic-free boxes, using only sustainable and recycled paper.

Every LSD artwork will then be sent to exclusive boutiques, to a restricted range of ambassadors or directly to your home, in a discreet and anonymous shipping box.


Work with us

LSD is born from art and eco-lover communication professionals, who decided to put their skills into the sex-positive world valuing the importance of sharing and collaborations, to speak louder together when it comes to ethical issues.


Who are we looking for

We look for enthusiastic people who believe in our project mostly sharing the values behind it, and for this, wanting to be - together - that change we wish to see in the world.

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