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By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish by weight

As sex-positive environmentalists, we realised that most of the sex toys in stores are made out of plastic. Thus, it's time to create a new paradigm in the sex toy industry, plastic free.


The brand


LSD is a new erotic brand producing limited collection of sex toys in collaboration with artisans around Europe

lsd brand

Sex toys can help enhance emotions, foreplay, pleasure and health. If this sparks your interest in them, you’ll find many reasons about the excellent benefits of sex toys in your life. We just want to move them from a drawer to a table or a shelf, to celebrate the beauty of their design


it's all about a


Our concept


Inspired by nature and human desire with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly design, we create premium products for adult entertainment


Our mission


LSD works only with professional artisans, giving all the value to human skills and limited collections instead of big industrial companies involved in massive productions.


Planet before money and people before machines


LSD is based in Barcelona and comes from our genuine idea of a better world, where design, sex and respect for the environment are intimately connected

Artists call

Euforia was born to be shared worldwide with artisans who want to create something different. If you feel on our same wave, take a breath and