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is generally among the healthiest materials on earth. We work with unleaded and non-toxic glazes that make our toys non-porous and 100% bodysafe.

Instead of silicone or plastic, ceramic doesn’t absorb bacteria and doesn’t contain phthalates. We use only food approved glazes that are totally safe for your body.



Our pieces are handmade by wheel-throwing artists and are limitedly produced.

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Every collection is based on their sensibility and genuine creativity. Since no moldes are involved, no two of them are precisely identical, which makes the experience for each of our users, one of a kind.


Temperature play

Ceramic is highly thermal conductive, so is very easy to change its temperature.

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Therefore, we suggest to play with it with your body or putting it under warm or cold water - and if you have an Euforia you can even fill up the vase with it!


Ceramic?! Doesn't break?

No! You might think it’s fragile, but it is absolutely resistant to body movements.

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Usually ceramic only brakes hitting a hard surface or when it falls down. Our objects are therefore totally body safe to play with. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that our products are totally safe in their initial condition. This means that, despite being designed to have a particularly active life, they always belong to fragile materials. Care must be taken in cleaning and moving the object. Before using it, check that it is intact and not chipped. If chipped, damaged, or different from its initial condition, do not use.



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The first collection of dildos in a vase. Euforia is our first shape of pleasure, designed to elevate sex for all - without revealing too much.

home inspired erotic accessories collections.jpg

Home Inspired Erotic Accessories

Have you ever imagined to create ceramic home decorative objects usable as erotic stimulators? We did.



Design your own

We truly love when people ask to create their own shape of pleasure. There are so many features that make every single artwork unique. Imagine, sketch, desire: it’s all about it!