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Home Inspired Erotic Accessories

Home Inspired Erotic Accessories is a collection of different models of house adornment, designed to be used as body massager, erotic stimulators or penetrative toys and, afterwards, cleaned up and exposed in your home as a jewel with a sexy story behind.



We have already imagined Plumo, a plug inspired from the typical South-Italian home charm of good luck called Pumo, or its evolution with the FingerTips, thimbles created with external stimulation in mind. We also produce a great variety of body-safe dildos you can definitely decorate your shelves with and our shapes of pleasure can only grow more!


That’s the way we put in the ordinary something extraordinary


Good sense

Every model has its particular function, designed by experts who will provide specific instructions in every product box. If used outside the indications, every object could work unexpectedly and therefore be dangerous for you and others. Please, consider our suggestions and your good sense, for being free to enjoy every part of it.


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