Frequently Asked Questions

before buying

→ Ceramic?! Doesn’t break?

No! You might think it’s fragile, but it is absolutely resistant to body movements. Usually ceramic only brakes hitting a hard surface or when it falls down. Euforìa is therefore totally safe to play with. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that our products are totally safe in their initial condition. This means that, despite being designed to have a particularly active life, they always belong to fragile materials. Care must be taken in cleaning and moving the object. Before using it, check that it is intact and not chipped. If chipped, damaged, or different from its initial condition, do not use.

→ Is the glaze non-toxic?

Of course! We use only non-toxic, non-lead and food approved glazes.

→ Why Ceramic?

Because it is a noble material, rich in properties and it has always been connected to human life for many uses and as expression of art since ages ago. It is absolutely sustainable, long time lasting, handmade, beautiful, smooth, strong, hard, creative, decorative and there are such a lot of reasons why ceramic is a great material. Ceramic is one of the best material to create sex toys. We were just wandering why sex toy industry, still today, is so plastic.

→ Do you have any certificate?

We have been knocking many doors around Barcelona’s health and hygiene offices, asking how we could certificate our products. Then, the result was that people didn’t know what to answer, because we were talking about sex toys and today is still strange and a bit ridiculous to do that. Sex toys market is still without control. Many shops are full of dangerous products, cheap but toxic. So, personal informations, blogs, doctors and experts can help you to choose safe products.


after buying

→ I’ve got my toy today. What should I know first?

We are happy that you choosed to sustain our mission. Thank you so much for going plastic free. Every toy has been quality checked and packed by LSD, we do our best to pack every toy in a safe way, using just paper and making a 100% recyclable packaging, but once our products leave our lab we don’t know what happens as packages can be dropped, opened at customs or just mishandled by people if you bought it in a shop. When you meet your toy for the first time, please check soon its quality. Take the toy out of the packaging and run your fingers all over the dildo to check if is not chipped. Try to bend it with your hands. If you have any doubts please drop us an email with video and photos and we will have a look with you. We really care about our costumers healt, so never use the toy unless you are absolutely sure that it is safe. We advise to deeply wash the dildo and its vase after unpacking.

→ How do I wash the toy?

We suggest you to use PH-neutral soap to wash your toy before and after each use. Handle with care your toy when washing it as soap makes it slippery and it can jump out of your hands. By the sink it’s the only way we broke one of our prototypes.

→ Can I use the toy with lubricant?

Absolutely yes! We are very proud to say that one of the best feedback we received about our toys has been "I didn't use any lube due to its low friction nature". But if you are a fan of lubes, you can have fun with any kind of lube, differently by most of sex toys that you can use just with water-based lube.

→ Is ceramic porous?

The glazing process and its firing at more than 1300C make ceramic non porous. Ceramic is the result of manipulating and firing Clay. At a first cook, ceramic results porous but as long as we fully dress the object with glazes, it will be fired for the second time to fix glaze and make it 100% non porous. There are also glazes looking porous, looking as a stone, but it is just an effect. It can’t be porous.

→ My toy is chipped or broken, can I still use it?

If the dildo chips or breaks it should not be used anymore as sex toy. We are happy to offer you a 20% discount on your next purchase. Please drop us an email with a clear video or photos and we will send you the directions how to reach it. We love thinking that, if due to the misfortune, your dildo breaks you can use the vase to pot a little new plant, giving to Euforia another story that you only know about. Dildo’s crocks are useful to make the lowest layer of your planting, giving the soil on its top the possibility to drain water and keeping your plant into the perfect level of wetness. We love this!

→ I received my toy and it was broken. Do you accept returns?

Every LSD toy goes through a strict quality control check before leaving our lab. After testing, we choose to work with the most safe packaging methods and the most realiable couriers that should guarantee the toy's perfect quality until the delivery. If the toy arrives damaged or broken, please contact us within 24 hours with video and photos of the damage. Unluckily we can’t control how packages are handled as they can be dropped and opened at customs. Due to the misfortune of a situation like that, we do not accept returns but we are happy to offer you a 20% discount off your new toy. Please drop us an email and we will send you the directions how to reach it.

→ How do I care for my toy?

Wash it! Studing an infografic statistics on Sex Toys, we have been surprised to read that only the 63% of people wash their sex toy after each use, the 9% just after a few uses and the big amount of 28% never. As sex toys producers we really care about health providing safe products, but is very importart to underline that intimate hygiene is very importat and safety depends from yourself first. Your health and safety is the most important value for us. Please check the toy for any damages each time before using it. Run your fingers all over the dildo to feel for any chip. If you feel any new imperfections DO NOT use the toy. Send us an email with a video and photos and we’ll double check together. Your health first. Ceramics are durable materials, however, they may break upon impact with a hard surface. Be careful when handling, washing the toy or placing it on hard surfaces.


shipping and returns

→ Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we love long trips. Please consider that your purchase may be subject to customs duties according to the laws of your country of residence.

→ How are the products packaged?

We self-pack our products using different kinds of paper. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and is shock-proof. Products are packaged in a simple cardboard box with Euforia logo and label on it and are provided with a little user’s guide. We ship our packages inside another shipping box, totally clean, no logo. We are discreet. If you need more discretion, please drop us an email soon after buying and we will pack your toy in a totally anonymous box.

→ I saw a particular design on your website, but I can’t find it in your shop.

If you find something on our social media or website but not in the shop is because every collection is limited produced. If you are very keen on purchasing a specific item, drop us an email and we’ll design together your special one. Because every piece we create is unique, just like your desire.