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Our values


We would like to change the way sex is perceived by removing taboos and promoting sex wellness and empowerment.


Freedom of pleasure


Great sex improves health, wellbeing and mood - and definitely a sex toy can help blood circulation and the release of “feel good factors” during an orgasm.


We believe in a world where, when we talk about sex toys and generally self pleasure, "joy" replaces "shame".

The world is slowly transitioning from shameful and closeted sex to the era of sexempowerment, especially for women. We would like everybody to own their sexuality and be honest about it. This means loving their body and the pleasure that comes from it. It means being proud of their sexual being and being open to explore new things.

We know that feeling free to express desires and fantasies in sexual situations, can make someone healthier and happier.

Because when you decide that you matter, your sex desires matter and your sexual health matters, yet respecting yourself and your partner, you’re creating a new consciousness.

It is finally possible to be comfortable and confident in who you are and the choices you make, this starts with taking an honest look inside yourself and determining what you stand for and what your personal boundaries are.

It is our mission to make sex conversations comfortable, so that we have the best sex possible. Frankly, talking about "sex" is no longer a taboo. Sex is a natural, vital part of life and should be enjoyed!

Sex toys can help you know more about your pleasure.




Although designed for play, our toys are individual works of art. By exploring the space where craftsmanship and human sensation intersect, we unveil a distinctive vision of luxury in the sex industry.


We work with talented artisans to push further this industry, made of smarter, safer and ethically much better products.


Today we need more people working than new industrial machines and we really have to be care to the material we want to produce with. No cheap solutions, just smart.

If you are an artisan and you want to work with us, click here to say Hello

Land & Sustainability


Ceramic is derived from clay, and since clay is just a piece of earth, it is also one of the most natural materials.


We are committed to make products that are safe for the body and safe for the Earth, by producing eco-friendly and plastic-free objects of pleasure, tailored to human’s needs and desires.


Ceramic is more durable and is rarely tossed into the garbage, but once in the landfill it returns to the earth and is more benign to the environment.


Many kind of plastic and PVC contains environment-destroying phthalates and dioxin. As for jelly toys, there is no safe disposal method; even when you toss your dildo away, it’s still emitting poisonous chemicals. All plastics, including jelly, vinyl and silicone, are petroleum-derived and as such promote unethical oil exploration and deplete fossil fuels.



We wanted a sex toy to live free. No more hiding.


We studied Design and its rules. We studied the history and the reasons to make "design". We've also understood that today, to design a new object, even clever, is really hard "we've got everything yet". We have been taught that "design" is an everyday challenge. "Design" is finding the solution to a problem. It's giving a shape to a fuction.

So, one day we had a problem and we solved it up.
Euforia, now in our socks drawer, there are just socks!

We believe that great sex improves health, wellbeing and mood - and definitely a sex toy can help blood circulation and the release of “feel good factors” during an orgasm.